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Mobile Deposit

Skip the branch trip. Deposit your check with a snap and a tap on your smartphone.

Mobile Deposit is a secure and convenient way to deposit your checks into your Icon account. With just a few taps on your smartphone, your check will be deposited to your account.

  • Deposit checks up to $2,500 ($10,000 daily max) from the comfort of your home or office
  • Works with virtually all Apple and Android smartphones – if you have the Icon Mobile app, you have Mobile Deposit!
  • No need to visit your branch
  • Checks can be deposited from anywhere in the world, so long as you have a secure Internet connection

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my funds be available?
Depending on how long your account has been open, your funds will be available per the funds availability agreement you signed at the time you opened your account – typically within 1-4 business days. If your account has been open for 60 days or less, a 4-day hold will be placed on mobile deposits over $100. For specific details about your account, please contact your local branch or call us at (208) 344-7948 or (800) 877-3174.

If a check is deposited during any business day before 4:00 p.m. (Mountain), it will be deposited that day by 6:00 p.m. (Mountain). If you deposit your check after the cutoff, it will be deposited the next business day by 6:00 p.m. (Mountain).

Are there checks I can’t deposit?

  • The check you’re depositing has to be made payable to you. If you have a joint account with another member, you can also deposit joint checks into that account.
  • At this time, we can only accept checks from financial institutions located in the United States.
  • If a check is dated more than 6 months prior to the date you’re trying to deposit it, please bring it to the branch for processing.

How many checks can I deposit?
The current daily limit on the number of checks you can deposit is four. The maximum dollar limit you can deposit is $10,000 per day with a maximum amount of $2,500 per check.

What do I need to access Mobile Deposit?
First, you will need to enroll in online banking (click here for instructions on setting up mobile banking). Once enrolled, select mobile and follow the instructions to set up your mobile access. Once this is completed, search your app store and install “Icon Mobile,” Icon Credit Union’s mobile banking app, on your iPhoneAndroid or Amazon device and select “deposit” to begin making deposits. Eligibility requirements may apply. For questions, please contact us.

Will I be able to see deposits made with Mobile Deposit in Online Banking?
Yes, deposits made using this service will be shown in Online Banking and Mobile Banking once they have been processed, typically within one business day.

What if I receive a deposit error message and I’m unable to deposit the check?
There may be information on the check that is unreadable or that the system is unable to process. Make sure to follow the helpful tips listed at the bottom of this page. If you still experience problems depositing the check, please take it to your local branch for deposit.

What should I do with my check once I deposit it via Mobile Deposit?
Once you have deposited your check via Mobile Deposit successfully, we recommend filing it in a secure place for 45 days and then you agree to destroy the check, mark it “VOID”, or otherwise render it incapable of further transmission, deposit, or presentment.

Can I use my iPad or Android tablet?
At this time, Mobile Deposit is not supported on tablets.

Mobile Deposit is an exciting enhancement to your online banking experience. As you use the app, keep in mind these helpful tips:
• Be sure you endorse the back of your check “For Icon Mobile Deposit ONLY #XXXXX” (where XXXXX is your member number) and include your signature.
• When prompted for the amount, carefully enter the check amount to ensure it matches the amount written on your check.
• Flatten folded or crumpled checks before taking your photos.
• Remember to scan both the front and back of the check.
• Keep the check within the view finder on the camera screen when capturing your photos.
• Take the photos of your check in a well-lit area and use a solid dark background. Shadows and blurry images can prevent your mobile deposit from being processed.
• Keep your phone flat and steady above the check when taking your photos.
• Make sure that the entire check image is visible and in focus before submitting your deposit.
• The MICR line (those numbers on the bottom of your check) must be readable in the image.

Signature + "For Icon Mobile Deposit Only"
Mobile deposit checks must be endorsed with signature, member number, and “For Icon Mobile Deposit Only.” Checks without proper endorsement will be rejected.