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Instant Balance with Icon Mobile

View your balance on Icon Mobile without having to login to your account

Icon Mobile now offers Instant Balance for effortless balance inquiries

Look for this icon on your login screen

Icon Mobile is all about convenience. Whether it’s depositing your checks with a few taps via Mobile Deposit or utilizing Mobile Bill Pay to pay all your bills in one place, Icon Mobile is designed to help you accomplish your financial tasks and get on with your life! Our newest update introduces yet another powerful time saving service – “Instant Balance.”

Once enabled, Instant Balance allows you to view the balance(s) of any selected accounts by simply tapping the icon on the login screen. That’s right, you don’t even have to enter your password!

Setup takes only a few taps on your mobile device (click to enlarge)

instant balance


Before enabling Instant Balance, you should take a few precautionary steps:

  • Consider any other individuals who use or have access to your mobile device. Instant Balance can save valuable time, but it can also potentially show your account balance to anyone with access to your mobile device
  • Employ additional security or access control, such as Apple’s Touch ID or a comparable fingerprint scanner, or a device password, to ensure only you will have access to your account balances

Don’t have Icon Mobile on your mobile device? Tap the link to your app store below!