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Home Refinance

Are you more than 2-3 years into your mortgage and wondering if you’re wasting money on interest and unnecessary mortgage insurance every month? If so, it’s time to consider refinancing your loan. Here’s what a refinance can mean for you:

Refinance into savings. A refinanced loan can mean big savings for you over the life of your loan. Whether it’s a shorter loan term or a lower rate (or both!), Icon can help you knock out that home loan and save thousands in the process.

A new fit. Your life and family are constantly changing, so why not tailor your home loan to fit your current needs? A quick refinance with Icon can not only mean big savings over the life of your loan, but loan payments that better fit your family and lifestyle.

Flexible terms. With a variety of rates and terms for you to consider, Icon can help you find a solution that makes more sense for your budget and long-term goals.