Impulse Control

July 27, 2018 | Category: Girl Scouts

Impulse purchases can wreak havoc on the most carefully constructed budgets.

By teaching your kids how to recognize their impulses, you will be giving them the tools for overcoming that overpowering urge to buy, buy, buy. Show your kids how retailers manipulate our emotions and spending habits and how to shop without dropping more money than planned.


Ask your kids:

  • Why do you think grocery stores put all those candy bars near the registers?
  • If you planned on spending $20 in a store and don’t want to spend any extra money, how can you make sure that happens? (Ask your child to provide two answers to this question, i.e. shop with a list, pay with cash, don’t enter a store hungry, etc.).
  • How can lots of impulse purchases ruin a budget?


After your “impulse education,” you might notice a decrease in whining at the register!\