Iconic Connection Q3 2018

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3rd Quarter | 2018
Iconic Connection Quarterly Newsletter
You asked for it! Members have been asking for a location in Canyon County, and on May 7th, we opened the doors to our 7th branch located in Nampa at 164 E Maine Ave. Located next to the Nampa Rec Center, this new branch is full service and offers Saturday hours. A 24 hour ATM is coming soon!
Visit the Nampa branch and meet our entire team!
S. 2155 is a key platform of the Campaign for Common-Sense Regulation, brought to you by America’s Credit Unions. The bill passed the Senate and the House with wide bipartisan support and was signed into law by President Donald J. Trump on May 24, 2018.
S. 2155 will protect seniors from elder abuse, make mortgage processing easier and quicker, increase affordable rental housing in our communities and help Icon Credit Union provide better service to our members. 
How do you pay for your purchases? It may be instinct for you to pull out any piece of plastic without thinking, but your random card of choice might not be the safest way to pay. Debit cards are great for helping you stick to your budget and steer clear of debt. Both debit 
and credit cards allow you to contest fraudulent charges on your account, or freeze your credit on a compromised card. However, sometimes you might want to just pay with cash.
When using a debit or credit card for purchases, here are some things to watch for to ensure you are protected against fraud: 
1.) At the pump: Card skimmers at gas stations are on the rise. By using your credit card instead of your debit card at the pump, you’ll have an added layer of protection against fraudsters accessing your checking account and removing all of the funds before you have a chance to see it and stop it.
2.) At an isolated ATM: Isolated ATMs in locations with very little security and sparse foot traffic are prime targets for hackers. Be aware of your surroundings and watch for people loitering around the ATM.
3.) In an unfamiliar location: When on vacation, think before you swipe. You don’t know the area and you can’t be certain which clerks are to be trusted. You might consider using your credit card or paying with cash to provide you greater protection against fraud. It’s a good idea to keep multiple forms of payment in multiple places while on vacation. If one of your cards is lost, stolen or compromised, you will still have the access to funds to be able to continue to enjoy your trip.
4.) For large purchases: If you’re springing for a big-ticket item, your debit or credit card offers you dispute rights in case the product doesn’t turn out as you expected. 
5.) Restaurants: When visiting an unfamiliar restaurant, consider paying with your credit card or cash to protect against fraud. 
Always use your debit or credit card with caution. Check the location for anything that looks out-of-place, such as a newer keypad on an older machine or a hard-to-use slot for your card. Don’t forget to cover the pad with your hand when inputting your PIN. Stay ahead of hackers by using your cards wisely! 
Heading Here
Play it Safe: Safeguard your information with CardValet® and protect your cards against fraud and theft by receiving real-time text and mobile alerts to ensure your cards are used only by you.
Membership at Icon includes some pretty amazing perks! This summer you can get $7 off with the Online Discount Club from Roaring Springs, Pinz 
and Wahooz Family Fun Zone.
Each of our Idaho branch locations have tickets available to the Albertsons Boise Open held at Hillcrest Country Club on September 13-16, 2018. With each pass used, Junior Achievement of Idaho will receive a donation. If you’re interested in tickets please visit any of our 6 Idaho branch locations.
ICAMP 2018
In June we held our annual ICamp company retreat. Held at the YMCA Camp at Horsethief Reservoir, it was packed with a healthy balance of daredevil excitement, relaxation and team building to invigorate our Icon staff to better serve our members. 
In observance of the upcoming holiday, Icon Credit Union will be closed:
Labor Day – Monday, September 3