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Icon membership and the credit union difference
People helping people. That’s the credit union difference.
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Six Reasons to Join Icon Credit Union – A Division of Horizon Credit Union

1. Our members are our only shareholders.

2. We are part of a community-based cooperative so serving and giving aback to our community is a high priority.

3. We have incredible technological services including mobile bankingmobile deposit, and access to the MoneyPass ATM Network.

4. We offer lower loan rates to save you money.

5. Icon members earn higher yield on certificates of deposit, checking, and savings.

6. Icon offers products with low or nonexistent fees.

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We’ve made it pretty simple to become a member – visit any Icon branch, call us at 800-877-3174, or open your account online. If you are unsure if you’re eligible for membership, see our membership requirements. We look forward to delighting you.

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