Icon membership and the credit union difference
People helping people. That’s the credit union difference.
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Six Reasons to Join Icon Credit Union

1. Our members are our only shareholders.

The rest of this list aside, reason #1 is enough to warrant serious consideration. We are 100 percent owned by our members. Our members elect the volunteer board of directors that oversees everything we do, from the hiring of our CEO to the policies we set that govern how we interact with our members. There are no conventional “owners,” no one at the top collecting big bonuses off the backs of our membership and no Wall Street executives harassing us to squeeze our employees and our members for an extra dollar of profit.

2. Community-based cooperative.

Because we’re owned and operated through our membership, Icon’s sole interest is in giving back to the community through donations, charitable work and extensive volunteerism. In fact, Icon’s employees give thousands of hours to charitable causes each year – in 2017, that was nearly 1,300 hours! That’s equivalent to one person volunteering 24/7 for almost three months straight each year. Fortunately, the time is shared by our staff of nearly 100 dedicated volunteers – phew!

Icon also instituted Icon Gives, a charitable campaign aimed at delivering much needed financial assistance to those in need in the community. Icon Gives is simple – Icon employees contribute a few dollars each month via payroll deduction and those funds are then matched by Icon to double the impact in the community. Recipients of Icon Gives are nominated by staff members and the nominations are then reviewed by an internal, anonymous committee to determine the extent that the nominee can be helped. In the past few years, Icon Gives contributed nearly $5,000 to the community thanks to the generosity of our employees.

Check out Icon’s partnerships page for more information on other ways Icon Credit Union gives back to the community.

3. Incredible technological services.

World-class technological services are available to you everywhere you go, and your experience with Icon won’t be any different. Gone are the days when only the richest banks have modern technology! Icon offers slick mobile banking apps for your Android or iPhone, a flawless responsive website for tablet and PC-based banking and a comprehensive suite of services including enhanced Bill Pay, mobile deposit and 32,000 fee-free ATMs nationwide through the MoneyPass ATM network. When it comes to technology and modern conveniences, your experience with Icon is second to none.

4. Lower loan rates.

Since as the member, you are the owner, what’s better than giving yourself stellar loan rates? Because Icon isn’t paying for any golden parachutes (or any parachutes at all, come to think of it), we can return our lower cost of doing business back to the members through extremely low loan rates for homes, cars, trucks, RVs, boats and all of the other important (or fun) things our members want to purchase.

5. Higher yield on certificates of deposit, checking, and savings.

Just like with our low loan rates, another way we like to return profits to our owners is by paying higher dividends on your other accounts, from your premier checking account to money market savings to long-term CDs. Sometimes it feels pretty good to watch your money actually grow on its own, doesn’t it? Check out our current rates and take a moment to compare them to your current financial institution.

6. Low or nonexistent fees for most products.

Because we’re not in the business of making money over all else, we’ve minimized or totally eliminated the kinds of fees you might expect to see at some of the other institutions out there. We won’t name names, but if your current organization rhymes with shmig shmank, it may be in your best interest to stop by a branch and see what kind of products we have waiting for you!

Are you ready?

We’ve made it pretty simple to become a member – stop by a branch near you, call us at 800-877-3174, or open your account online. If you are unsure if you’re eligible for membership, see our membership requirements. Again, thanks for checking us out, we look forward to delighting you.

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