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Icon Credit Union Field of Membership Requirements

Checking to see if you qualify for membership? It’s easier than you think!

Membership Requirements

If you would like to join Icon, you will need to meet certain eligibility requirements. An individual only needs to meet one of the following requirements to join Icon.


  • Employees and employers who reside in, work in, is headquartered in, or is paid from one of the following counties: Ada, Canyon, Kootenai, Shoshone, Valley or Washington counties and family members of eligible members of this credit union.
  • Persons, who live or work in, or organizations located within, Union or Wallowa County, Oregon.
  • Persons who live, work, worship, or attend school in, and businesses and other legal entities located within the counties of Kootenai and Shoshone, Idaho; the counties of Kootenai and Shoshone, Idaho meet the underserved “investment area” definition of Section 109(c)(2) of the Federal Credit Union Act; (01-30-04)
  • Persons who live in the following prescribed underserved community; persons who regularly work, go to school, worship, perform volunteer services, or participate in associations headquartered in the prescribed underserved community; persons participating in programs to alleviate poverty or distress which are located in the prescribed underserved community; incorporated and unincorporated organizations located in the prescribed underserved community or maintaining a facility in the prescribed underserved community; this prescribed underserved community meets the investment area definition of Section 1759(c)(2) of the Federal Credit Union Act;
  • Prescribed community as defined by NCUA to be an underserved “investment area”: The area located in Boise, Idaho commonly known as census tracts 01.00, 03.00, 04.00, 05.00, 06.00, 09.00, 10.00, 11.00, 14.00, 17.00, and 20.00.
  • For assistance in determining if your address falls within the 11 neighborhoods enter address information on one of these web sites:
  • enter address, click on Search and look at Tract/BNA Code or go to “American Factfinder” and click on “enter a street address” on left side of screen enter address, click on Go and look at “Census Tract” number This will identify which census tract the address falls in (look only at the digits to the left of the decimal point). Eligible tracts are: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 14, 17, 20

Employer Groups

  • Employees of the Idaho Transportation Department, Idaho Department of Law Enforcement, Idaho Lottery, and Idaho State Tax Commission.
  • Employees of Boise Cascade, L.L.C., Office Max, Inc., Forest Capital Partners, L.L.C., and Boise, Inc. including their affiliates who are contractors or employees of contractors, who work in the United States.


  • Spouses of persons who died while within the field of membership of this credit union; employees of this credit union; persons retired as pensioners or annuitants from the above employment; members of their immediate families or households; and organizations of such persons.