Going beyond babysitting & lawn-mowing

February 6, 2019 | Category: Girl Scouts

Babysitting and lawn mowing are tried and true moneymakers for kids, but not every child has interests in those areas. So, if your children express interest in making money (but are not yet ready for even a part-time job), help them figure out what they’re good at.

Think out of the box. If your child does well in math, can she help tutor a younger child who is having trouble? If she enjoys baking, why not sell her own brand of cookies? Is your son interested in building model planes? Help him brainstorm for ways to make it profitable.

Your kids will need your help, but your time (and sometimes money) is a good investment here. Even if they make mistakes, you’ve taught your children to think like entrepreneurs and come up with enjoyable ways to handle money.