A Fun (And Crazy!) Holiday Tradition for You

July 27, 2018 | Category: Girl Scouts

Teaching your children how to make their money count can be a challenge. To help them get an idea of how much things cost, try out this holiday ‘Crazy Dinner’ and let them try to get the most of out of a limited budget.

This activity is best with a large group, so invite family, friends, and neighbors.
Instructions for a Crazy Dinner:

  • Give each participant $4 and head to your local grocery store as a group.
  • Each person can buy anything they’d like to eat or drink using only their $4 provided.
  • Tell everyone in your group to split up and make their selections – but don’t let anyone else in your group see what you chose! Help younger participants pick out their food. Also make sure you choose paper bags or double up on plastic bags when checking out to keep your selections secret until you get home.
  • Gather everyone back at home and sit in a large circle. Starting with the youngest participant, let them pass their bag to the person on their left. That person gets to smell and feel the bag and guess what’s inside. If they guess correctly the bag is opened and placed on the table. If the guess is incorrect, the bag is passed on around the circle until its contents are guessed or revealed by its owner.
  • After all the bags are opened it’s time to eat what everyone bought. This is where it gets crazy because you might be eating 5 different microwave pizzas, toaster waffles and ice cream for dinner!

Happy Holidays from Icon Credit Union.