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Financial Counseling & Education

From debt management to planning for a home purchase, your Icon membership gives you access to an abundance of free resources.

GreenPath Financial Wellness

One great benefit of being a member with Icon is our partnership with GreenPath Financial Wellness. Through this partnership, we pay for you to have free access to GreenPath’s comprehensive financial counseling and education program. GreenPath’s professionally trained staff offer free, immediate and confidential financial counseling by phone without an appointment six days-a-week.

Your GreenPath counselor will thoroughly assess your household income and expenses, find places for you to save, and develop a customized budget and action plan for achieving your financial goals. Whether you are learning to manage your finances on your own for the first time, going through a transition in life, or need help resolving financial problems, GreenPath can help.


Receive personalized answers to your individual needs. Advice is only a phone call away for issues ranging from a proactive savings plan to saving a home from foreclosure. You can request a free and confidential counseling session by calling GreenPath toll-free at (877) 337-3399. For more information, visit GreenPath online.