Smart Start CD | Icon Credit Union

Smart Start CD

  • $25 minimum deposit
  • $10 monthly minimum deposits required
  • Penalties applied if withdrawals made before maturity date, fixed for 30 months (Smart Start)
  • Earns competitive dividends
  • No maximum deposit amount limit
  • Great for saving for college
  • Make as many deposits as you like
  • See our Iconic Rates

Have traditional CDs seemed intimidating because you don’t have a lot of money to start? Then the Smart Start CD is a great option for you! Not only is the minimum amount to open very reasonable, just $25, you can also add money and watch your savings expand!

Flexible, yet stable. This is a great way to start savings in small steps at a very competitive interest rate. And that rate is guaranteed for the entire term of the CD!

Personalized service. At Icon, we provide elite member service. We commit to knowing our members and learning your financial goals so we can help you succeed.

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