Philosophy and Values | Icon Credit Union

Sixty three years and going strong. Dedicated to serving you.



Our culture and values define us at Icon Credit Union. We live by five core values that permeate every position throughout our company. Each value was carefully selected and we know it represents who we are and how we conduct business. Here is a closer look at the values all of our staff members hold:



We are looking to live a higher standard.  

Integrity is on the forefront of our decision making. We know integrity comes through ethical consistency under extreme pressure. It is honest in word and intention. It is trustworthy. Finally, we know that it means we do the right thing whether people are watching or not.


We are looking for the bright spot. 

We need fun people. Our people can provide positive energy in any situation with their optimistic attitude. We are always seeking the best in people.


We are looking at you as an individual.

We are thankful for each and every member and know that as an individual you won’t fit into a one size fits all financial solution. We want to understand you and listen to your needs, goals, and vision. We offer unique and different products than other financial institutions to fit your situation.


We are looking to bring out the best in others. 

We are continuing to try to keep ourselves and peers accountable. Fresh ideas and problem solving are a critical piece to our line of business and we have geared our people and products to reflect that.


We have a plan and are sticking to it.

Our goals have led us to live by higher standards. We know that we cannot quit but are motivated and directed to solving our member’s problems. We won’t accept mediocrity.