Welcome Boise US Members!

We're excited to help you with your financial needs!

Icon is proud to welcome Boise US Federal Employees Credit Union members to the Icon family. Your relationship now provides you with more locations and resources while delivering the same elite level of service you expect from your credit union.

We encourage you to a few minutes to learn about Icon, our loan and deposit products, our commitment to the community, and our leadership team. You can also enroll in online banking simply by clicking on the "Click Here to enroll" link on the far left of any Icon web page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Transition Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When can I set up my new online banking?
On June 2, you will be able to enroll in Icon’s online banking by selecting the link “Not Enrolled?/ Enroll Today” from the Icon website at www.iconcreditunion.org. Simply enter your new member number, last name, zip code, email address, birthdate, and last four digits of your Social Security number and our home banking system will walk you through enrollment. If you have any questions, we’ll absolutely be glad to help! You can also click here for step-by-step directions on setting up your online banking account.

Q. When will I be able to begin using Icon’s branches?
On Monday, June 2, all Icon branches will be able to welcome our new members.

Q. Do I have to change my routing and account numbers?
Yes. In order to avoid duplicate account numbers, which would cause issues with ACH, direct deposit, periodic payments, etc., it is necessary to assign new account numbers. A new account number will allow for a much more pleasant conversion process. Your routing number will also change to 324172630 as you will use the Icon number going forward.

Q. What will happen with my direct deposits and withdrawals (ACH)?
In order to continue your electronic deposits and withdrawals, you will need to update your routing and account number information with any third party institutions. These two components will allow you to successfully update your direct deposits and withdrawals after the conversion. You should update your new account information with third parties by July 1, 2014. If you need additional time, please reach out to your nearest branch.

Q. Will my direct deposit be there on June 2?
Yes. If you have deposits scheduled for the second of June, they will be available to you as usual, as we will forward these for a limited time to your new Icon account.

Q. What happens if a check I wrote before the merger hasn’t cleared my account yet?
Icon will continue processing your old checks for a period of time after the merger is complete. If you notice a check hasn’t cleared your account within 30 days, please contact your nearest branch.

Q. How do I order new checks?
For the first order of Icon checks, please bring your voucher into the branch and we’ll get your checks ordered. In the future, you can order checks just as you have in the past at your branch or online. Please allow 2 weeks for your checks to be delivered.

Q. How will overdraft protection work?
All items that are presented on a checking account (checks, debit card transactions, automatic withdrawals, etc.) where funds are not available will filter through our default overdraft protection process which is line of credit first (if applicable), primary savings, then courtesy pay (if approved). Contact Icon if you would like to change the order and/or to add other accounts such as money market, primary savings on another membership, etc. A signature is required for these types of changes.

Q. What will happen to my debit card?
Continue using your existing Boise US Visa debit card through July 28. On the 28th, activate your Icon Card by calling the number listed on the sticker displayed on the front of the card. Your Boise US debit card will continue working for a short period of time to ensure that your debit card access will not be interrupted.

Q. What will happen to my Boise US Visa credit card?
At this time, your Visa credit card will not be changing. You will receive a new credit card when your current card expires.

Q. How long can I access my online banking at Boise US?
After 1:00 p.m. MDT on May 30, online access to your Boise US account will no longer be available. Be sure to save any copies of statements for your records. Your May statement will be mailed to you.

Q. What will happen with my electronic bill payments?

Your scheduled and recurring payments will be made through May 30, 2014, at 1:00 p.m. MDT. Beginning June 2, please enter the payees into Icon’s convenient online system at www.iconcreditunion.org. In order to quickly and successfully add these payees, we encourage you to print them from your Boise US online banking before May 30 so you have copies on hand.

Q. Will my certificate rate or maturity date change?
No, your CD rates and maturity dates will remain the same as disclosed when you opened the accounts.

Q. Do I have to sign new signature cards?
With this merger, you are not required to sign new signature cards. It may be in your best interest, however, to complete a review of your signature card for existing joint owners and/or beneficiaries to ensure that your items are up to date. Be sure to update your address too if you have moved. Please contact us for assistance with this process.

Q. What about the joint owners and beneficiaries on my accounts?
The information stored in Boise US’ current system for joint owners and beneficiaries will transfer into Icon’s system. It may be in your best interest to review this information to make sure it is up to date. Please contact us (208) 344-7948 for assistance with this process.

Q. What if I have more than one account at Boise US?
Whether you have one account or twelve, your accounts will convert per the conversion chart on page 5 of the transition guide.

Q. Will Icon have automated phone banking?
Yes, Icon will have a new automated phone banking system for all members to use. You can access it beginning June 2 by calling (208) 947-0150.

Q. Will the Boise US branches remain open?
At this time, our intention is that all of the branches will remain open. They will continue to be staffed by the same friendly faces you’re used to seeing.

Q. What if I have an account at both Icon and Boise US?
Your account at Icon will remain unchanged. Your account(s) with Boise US will be created as another separate account on Icon’s system.

Q. Will my account opening date change to the merger date?
No. When your account is converted to Icon’s system, the opening date of your Boise US account will transfer as well.

Q. Will my accounts continue to be fully insured by the NCUA?
Yes, your accounts will remain safe, sound and insured by the National Credit Union Administration up to $250,000, the same insurance coverage you have today.

Q. Where do I send my loan payment?
Until May 30, continue making your payments the same way you do today at a Boise US branch. Beginning June 2, your current loan will be easily accessible online to make payments from your new Icon account with Icon’s online banking system. If you’d like to use another institution to make your loan payment, call us for convenient options. You can also make a payment at any branch or mail your payment to:

Icon Credit Union
1010 N Whitewater Park Blvd.
Boise, ID 83703

Q. Will my loan payment amount or rate change?
No, your payment and rate will remain the same as disclosed in your loan documents.

Q. What will happen to the employees at my branch?
Your employees have been a valuable asset to Boise US and members. They are still in the branch and eager to serve you. A great benefit of this partnership is that there will be further opportunity for advancement and promotion.

Q. What happens to the Board of Directors of Boise US?
Two members of the current Boise US board will join the Icon board after the merger. The new board will remain focused and dedicated to serving members and building a strong and financially sound credit union.

Q. What will happen to “me” as a member of Icon?
The phrase “Once a Member, Always a Member” still applies. Nothing else in that respect will change. You can be elected to the volunteer leadership of the credit union and you retain your voting rights in the annual election. What will change is your enhanced access to more services, more ATM access and more branches as part of a larger credit union.

Q. Who can I contact if I have questions now or after the merger?
You are encouraged to stop by one of the Icon or Boise US branches and talk to any one of our helpful employees. You can also call Icon at (208) 344-7948 for any information or access our website at www.iconcreditunion.org to become familiar with Icon.