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Icon Connect: March 2015

Icon's March 2015 member newsletter lets you know how you can save time and money with Icon Bill Pay, tells stories from the Governmental Affairs Conference and more!

Icon Connect: February 2015 - tax saving tips with Icon!

Icon's February 2015 member newsletter offers tips for saving on your taxes, information about a new community partnership and more!

Icon Connect: January 2015 - Icon's commitment to the community

Icon's January 2015 member newsletter: Icon Heroes of Local, Warm Hearts, Toasty Toes sock drive records and more!


Guest blog: January is Mentoring Month with Big Brothers, Big Sisters

There’s nothing worse than isolation. We need connections to each other to thrive, especially when we are young and forming our attitudes about the world.

Every day our kids interact with the adults in their life, learning lessons that will end up shaping their futures. Parents take the brunt of this responsibility, balancing busy daily lives while giving as much attention to their kids as they can. Yet parents are just one of a myriad of relationships that end up shaping the minds of our kids. In some cases, those other relationships end up having more of an impact than you’d expect.

You may recall such an impactful relationship in your own life. It may have been the track coach who took time to chat after practice, asking how things were going. It may have been an elementary school teacher who brought awareness to a talent. Or maybe it was that uncle who inspired a new hobby. Whoever they were, and however they did it, an impact was made. How different would your life be without that experience?

Visit Icon's holiday boutique on December 19, 2014!

Icon is hosting a holiday boutique and silent auction on Friday, December 19, to support the Warm Hearts, Toasty Toes sock drive!

Icon's 12 Recipes of Christmas!

Icon shares our 12 Recipes of Christmas! These hand-picked recipes come straight from our staff and are sure to please everyone around the table this holiday season. Enjoy as we count down the days to Christmas with these delicious recipes!

Five tips for Millennials looking to build healthy credit

Looking to build healthy credit? Start here!

With the recession slowly fading in our rearview mirror, it's easy for young people who entered adulthood amid economic turmoil to view credit and debt as both risky and dangerous. While it may seem like the safe route to simply avoid credit altogether, society today still revolves heavily around credit ratings and credit scores, and neglecting these economic mechanisms can create serious headaches for young people looking to eventually buy a new car, purchase a home or buy other big ticket items that often require obtaining a loan.

Connie Miller named CEO of Influence by Idaho Business Review

Icon is thrilled to announce that our very own Connie Miller was recently named one 2014's six CEOs of Influence by the Idaho Business Review!

This award places Connie in great company alongside some of Idaho's most respected business leaders, including Steve Appleton (Micron), Bill Whitacre (J.R. Simplot), Scott Kreiling (Regence BlueShield), Orville Thompson (Scentsy), Sally Jeffcoat (Saint Alphonsus) and Jim Everett (YMCA).

Connie was recognized at a dinner and ceremony on May 22 at the Boise Centre. The following day, the IBR released a special "CEO of Influence" magazine...

Icon Connect: March 2014

Icon Connect: March 2014 brings you important news from Icon Credit Union, including updates on our new online banking system, the "Don't Tax My CU" campaign and more!