Executive Leadership Team

Connie Miller
President & CEO

John Cotner
Chief Lending Officer

Michelle Wall
Chief Operating Officer

Robert King
Chief Information Officer


Jessica Wilson
VP, Human Resources

Leslie Yoest
Chief Retail Officer

Amra Metcalf
VP, Marketing & Community Relations

Other Contacts

  • Patricia Marler | Chairperson
  • Glenda Fuller | Vice Chairperson
  • William Wardwell | Secretary
  • Rich Jackson | Treasurer
  • Theron Haddon | Membership Officer
  • Ben Zamzow | Member
  • Joca Veloz | Member

Icon’s Board of Directors may be contacted via email or U.S. mail. You may write to:

Icon Credit Union – Board of Directors
7615 West Riverside Drive
Boise, ID 83714

  • CeCe Gassner | Chairperson
  • Courtney Smith | Secretary
  • Nate Peterson | Member

The supervisory committee is responsible for protecting members’ funds and interests while ensuring the effectiveness of the internal control structure within the credit union. If any member has an unresolved question, complaint or concern about their account, they may contact the Supervisory Committee, in confidence, at the following address:

Icon Credit Union – Supervisory Committee
P.O. Box 140712
Boise, ID 83714

Marketing Department

Icon Credit Union – Corporate Office
7615 West Riverside Drive
Boise, ID  83714